Pedigree Services
Deluxe Pedigree will have your dogs
breed picture or a picture of your dog
with a gold foil seal.
Pedigree shown on left is a 3
generation deluxe
4 generation $70.00
5 generation  $80.00
All Deluxe Pedigrees come with a  
second pedigree with no picture or
gold seal on 24 # paper

Paper Choice.
24lb. Specialty  Paper
Color: Parchment,  Rose Grey,  

Paper Choice  (Shown Here)
28 lb Bright White

For Standard Pedigree 3 generation
without  a picture of your dog/breed
picture or gold seal  $40.00
Standard Pedigree 4 generation add
Standard Pedigree 5 generation add
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Color: Parchment -There are no paper choices for the standard pedigree
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