The American Dog Federation recognizes ALL breeds currently accepted in all groups of the following registries  in the United States, Asia, Europe and
Canada. If you do not see your breed or club listed here please visit our GROUP links at the top of the page, or  call the registry 941-876-0446 for updated
information. Please scroll down for registries and Bully Breed Registries.

The American Dog Federation welcomes ALL BULLY BREEDS.
The American Molossus
The Bullynger
The Cane da Presa
The North American Mastiff

German Indian Dog - FSR
Frenchton - FSR
Cane da Presa Meridionale' - FSR
Dooley Mastiff - FSR
                                     Recognized Breeds

                                        FSR BY INVITATION BREEDS 2019
Frenchton F5 Generation - FSR By Invitation, probationary only Qualifying dogs will be fully recognized in 2021
German Malinois F5 Generation - FSR By Invitation, probationary only - Qualifying dogs will be fully recognized
in 2021
Goldendoodles and Labradoodles  F5 Generation - FSR By Invitation, probationary only- Qualifying dogs will be
fully recognized in 2021
1 -A written standard  must be submitted
2 - All foundation dogs must be registered with a recognized registry. All progeny must be registered with the ADF
3 -  Breeding History records must accompany your application
4 - A 3-5 generation pedigree must be submitted on your foundation dogs
                                                 RECOGNIZED KENNEL CLUBS

United States
American Bully Breeders Association / ABBA
American Bully Kennel Club / ABKC
American Bulldog Club /ABC
American Bully Cl
American Kennel Club/AKC
American Rare Breeds Kennel Club /ARBA
Bully Breed Coalition Registry / BBCR
Continental Kennel Club/ CKC
Designer Breed Registry/ DBR
International Bully Breed Registry/ EBKC
United Kennel Club/ UKC
United States Bully Registry/USBR
West Coast Bully Breed Association / WCBBA
Canadian Kennel Club/ CKC
England The Kennel Club/ KC
Federation Cynologique Internationale/ FCI (
The FCI is not a registry  nor does it have records of
breeders addresses. rather the FCI is a governing body of a group of registries primarily from European
and South American Countries. The dog would be registered with the individuals registries that fall under
the FCI but not FCI itself
.The Federation Cynologique International (FCI) is a world-wide organisation set
up with the aim to promote purebred dogs. One of its functions, however, is to set up the calendar of
international dog shows.)
Indian Dog Europe/IDE
Verband fur das Deutsche Hundewesen/ VDH
Kennel Club De Espana
Asian Kennel Club Union of the Philippines/ AKCUPI
Singapore Kennel Club Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen / VDH
Japanese Kennel Club / JKC

*FSR-Foundation Stock Registered - must show absolute consistency in all progeny as to type
FSR may take up to 3 years or more before full recognition .

**FSR- ND  - P- Foundation Stock Registered  -  Not Defined - Pending can take up to 3 years before
being fully recognized still introducing new breeds however progeny is consistent in type.
A breed with this code will take several more generations to be FRS
Clck below for more information
American Molossus