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The following criteria must be met in order for you to be eligible to use this online  registration form:
  • You must be the owner or co owner of the dog.
  •  The dog must be registered with a registry recognized by the American Dog Federation,
  • If you have questions or need assistance  please call - 1-989-433-8015 or email the registry through the contact us link above. To register via US mail please take the link above.
  • Registration Fee: $35.00 US Dollars  All fields must be filled out or your application cannot be processed. Applicant is responsible for any errors on this application
All fees are  subject to change without notice. The ADF is not responsible for error on this application due to owner. All applications become thee property of the
American Dog Federation
A $10.00 correction fee will be charged to re issue registration papers.
  • Once paperwork is received, and payment is successfully processed processing will take up to 7-10 business days, unless the Rush option is chosen.
  • Rush Service Fee:$20.00 paperwork will be mailed in 5 business days of payment successfully processed and all information requested by the ADF is received.
  • Out of Country Registration: all Registrations/Pedigrees are only mailed with a USPS Tracking Number, an automatic charge of $25.00 US is applied.
Optional: 3 Generation Standard Pedigree - $40.00     4 Generation Standard Pedigree - $55.00        5 Generation Standard Pedigree - $65.00 scroll down for more options
       3 Generation Deluxe Pedigree - $65.00    4 Generation Deluxe Pedigree - $70.00    5 generation Deluxe Pedigree -  $80.00
See the Registration Services Link for the link to view the Pedigree Formats
All fees are in US dollars, non refundable and subject to change without notice.
Pedigree Services Click Here

All fees are US dollars only
  • Rush Service- mailed within 5 business days of application processed and payment completed -  Add $20.00