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Pacific Bulldog
The Pacific Bulldog is compact and powerful, a athletically built bulldog of smaller to mid-sized, sturdy
frame, muscular body, large blocky head type, and smooth coat. They should give the impression of
great strength for their size and exude confidence. These guys are outgoing, playful and built to go
anywhere. They have a gentle, proud demeanor in combination with having a very healthy drive making
them a lot of fun to be around. Pacific Bulldogs, are the ultimate companion dog and family member.

The broad, heavy and blocky head of the Pacific Bulldog exemplifies breed type, it’s both high and large
with well pronounced cheek muscles and a distinct stop. The stop should be both broad and deep as
well and extend up the middle of the forehead, dividing the head vertically, being traceable to the top of
the skull.  

The ears should be set mid to high in the head, the front inner edge of each ear joining the outline of the
skull at the top back corner of skull, so as to place them as wide apart, and as high, and as far from the
eyes as possible. The shape termed “rose ear” is the most desirable. The rose ear folds inward at its
back lower edge, the upper front edge curving over, outward and backward, showing part of the inside
of the burr. Drop ear set is acceptable also.  

Muzzle is short in length broad in width and deep with moderate wrinkle. The bite is undershot very
slightly, with a roll up on the lower jaw/mandible. Wry Jaw is a disqualification.  

Shape is almond or oval set low in the head and far apart, all colors are acceptable except albinism (red

Nose should be large and set deeply between the eyes, nares/nostrils should be wide open. The distance
from bottom of the stop, between the eyes, to the tip of the nose should be as short as possible and not
exceed the length from the tip of nose to the edge of under lip. All colors are acceptable but lack of
pigment is a fault.

Slightly arched, tapering from shoulder to back of skull. Compact to medium in length, the neck should
be thick and muscular with little to no loose skin.

The chest should be very broad, deep and full with a well sprung or rounded ribcage, but not overdone
or to extreme that it will impede the movement.

Short to medium back, with a slight sloping or a gradual rise from withers to the rump. The Pacific
Bulldog should give the appearance of a square body, equal in length when measured from point of
shoulder to point of the rump and from the withers to the floor.

The shoulders should be muscular, very heavy, widespread, and well laid back. The forelegs should be
short, very stout, straight and muscular, set wide apart, with well- developed calves, presenting a
bowed outline, but the bones of the legs should not be curved or bandy, nor the feet brought to close
together. The elbows should be low and stand well out and loose from the body. Distance from the
withers to the elbow is equal to the distance from the elbows to the bottom of the feet. The feet should
be moderate in size, compact and firmly set.

Hindquarters and Top-Line
The hind legs should be strong and muscular and longer than the forelegs. Hocks should be slightly bent
and well let down, so as to give length and strength from the loins to hock. The lower leg should be
short, straight and strong. Toes compact and tight, with high knuckles. Angulation and width of the
hindquarters should be in balance with that of the forequarters.

Should have a balanced gait that drives off the rear and is complimented by reach allowing the dog to
cover ground with a sense of power. Dogs should single track.

Should be compact, rounded, tight and well arched. The pasterns should be strong as well. Weak
pasterns and/or splayed feet are disqualifying faults.

Males & Females: 15-17 inches

Between 50 to 70 lbs. for both males & females

Any color is acceptable except for Merle. Merle is a disqualification and not aloud within the Pacific
gene pool.

Docked is preferred but natural short and straights are accepted. Pacific tails should be just short of the
hock, thick and straight. Faults or disqualification are impacted tails.

Smooth and short, no longer than 1/2 in length.

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