Obedience Title Application  PLEASE read requirements for each title

All dogs participating in the Obedience Certification program must be registered with the ADF.If your dog is not registered with the
ADF you may submit an individual application for registration with the required fee along with this application.
All video tapes and applications become the property of the American Dog Federation. Certificate and ribbon will beissued within
3 weeks of submission. Once your video has been approved any and or all fees are not refundable. All decisions of judges are
If your video is not approved a processing fee of $20.00 will not be refunded.
Please print clearly
Check the title you are applying for: (   )CD 1    (   )CD2    (   )CD3    (   )CCM   (   )CCME    (    )TD   
(   ) AC   (   )ACE  
Fee Schedual Below
Your dog must be at least 4 months old to attain a CD1

Breed:_______________________________________________Registration #_________________________

Date of Birth____/_____/________  Male(   )    Female(   )    Neutered(   )   Spayed(   )

Name of Dog:_____________________________________________________________________________

Owners Name:____________________________________________________________________________


One of our representatives will call you after the judges view your video

Best time to call___________________ Phone #_____________________________________


Method Of Payment:    
(   ) Credit Card    (   )Check   (   ) Money Order     Fee Enclosed_________________

Name on credit card(please print):______________________________________________________________

Credit Card #___________________________________________________________Exp.Date_____/______
Cardholder authorizes this charge
Card Holders Signature:___________________________________________________Date:____/_____/____

Please mail to:                                  Printable Page or Copy and Paste
American Dog Federation
PO Box 238
Barryton, Michigan 49305
CD 1 - Companion Dog Level 1 - $65.00                  CCM - Canine Citizen of Merit - $45.00              AC - Agility Canine - $65.00
CD 2 - Companion Dog Level 2 - $65.00                  CCME - Canine Citizen of Merit Elite- $45.00     ACE - Agility Canine Excellent - $65.00
CD 3 - Companion Dog Level 3 - $65.00                                                                                            TD - Tracking Dog - $65.00
If your dog is not registered with the ADF please register online or with this application an additional fee of $20.00 is required.
Obedience Title Application