AMERICAN DOG FEDERATION                    
                                                                          Application for Judges License

PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT IN BLACK OR BLUE INK. All designated areas of the application should be completed before attaching additional
documentation. All attachments should be identified with your initials or  name. Please keep copies for your records. Reminder: Enclose your
processing fee of $25.00 per breed and an additional fee of $25.00 for Junior Showmanship. $25.00 For each level in the Obedience/Tracking/Agility
venue. All fees are non-refunadable.  

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Please provide the following information printed on a separate sheet/s of paper attached to this form.

  • Breed(s) for which you are submitting an application.
  • Obedience levels if applying for an obedience license.
  • A resume of your experience in dogs ie.breeding, training etc.
  • Please also include any history of livestock judging.
  • List any other judging experience.
  • Number of years with dogs.
  • Breeds in which you have experience

Method Of Payment
(   ) Credit/Debit Card   (   )Paypal*      (   )Check     (   ) Money Order                              
Please include *
Paypal invoicing email address below if different than above.


Print name as it appears on credit/debit card:

Credit card #                                                                                              Exp. Date           CVC Code

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Signature of Applicant:______________________________________________Date____/________

Please make checks or Money Orders Payable to: American Dog Federation
Mail to: American Dog Federation
PO Box 7681
North Port, Florida   34286