the American Dof Federation is dedicated to the enhancement of every breed. Dog Shows for purebred registered dogs will always be a way for registered purebred dogs to accomplish the total dog. The americandog
federation sanctions dog sow and those dog sho  ws   give the owner of the purebred dogs the opportunitu to gain titles such as conformation champion grand champion grand champion supreme and register of merit
JULY 2017
"It was one of the hottest days in July, the
temperature was 98 degrees and the humidity
was very very high.I was outside under my
favorite group of oak trees. I was outside with
my dog Sister who had to go potty and I was
trying to keep Sister as cool as possible . Sister
kept walking over and sniffing my neighbors
parked van, I thought that maybe someone had
dropped food or ice cream. I called her and she
did not come, which is NOT like Sister,  so I
decided to put her leash on her. I looked to see if
some food might be on the ground and that is
when I saw my neighbors mom slumped over
inside the locked van, she was behind the wheel
and unresponsive. I banged on the window and  
urging her to wake up and unlock the door
she barely moved but was able to press the
unlock button. I opened the door, turned the car
on and put the AC on as high as I could while
dialing 911 to report this to the police. I stayed
with her until the ambulance came. I used her
phone to call her family.
I was in awe of what Sister had done.
I later found out that the woman had had a
Sister not only saved her life but also got to her in
enough time to make a difference in the damage
caused by the stroke"
Jasper Kelley