Online  Show Registration

YOUR DOG MUST BE AT LEAST 4 MONTHS OF AGE  and have ALL age appropriate vaccinations to enter this show
Show Pre Registration is $____for the first dog entered, additional dogs entered by the same owner for the same show
will be $_____. Day of show entry fee: $_______ and  $_______ per dog for additional dogs.  
All Dogs entered must be registered with the American Dog Federation an additional fee of $ 35.00 (reduced for show) per dog will be charged
for that registration with this pre entry if your dog/s are not already registered with the ADF.  Information for registration of your
dog  with the  American Dog Federation will be taken from this show entry. Entry fees depend on the host club, prices will be uploaded.
Please check application to make sure ALL fields are completed before submitting. Thank You.  
ADF will not be responsible for any owner  errors on application
REGISTRATIONS WILL BE TAKEN UNTIL 9 PM in the time zone of the show   Show Date   to be announced
If you are entering more than 1 dog in
this show please indicate in the field to
the right the number ( 1-10 ) of this
entry and your initials to assure your
discount for the show.
By submitting  this form, I hereby agree to waive any
claim, action, or lawsuit and further agree to indemnify
and hold ADF the sanctioning registry, the host club
and any approved ADF Judge harmless from any
claims, actions or lawsuits resulting from my
participation in this event, and any action, decision or
judgment made by any ADF or host club
representative or approved Judge under the official
ADF Rules and Regulations governing this event. I
acknowledge that the current Official ADF Rules and
Regulations (Agility, Conformation, Obedience)have
been made available to me, and that I am familiar with
their contents.By submitting this application I agree
that clicking the SUBMIT button I amstating that I am
the owner of this dog and by clicking the SUBMIT
button I agree this is also my signature and this action
indicates that I understand and agree to the above
and to abide by all of the current Official ADF Rules
and Regulations.