General Features:
Akbaş is known to be one of the most well-known, livestock guardian dogs in Turkey. Akbaşs are well-
known with their victorious battle against wolves. They are deeply loyal to the herd, territory and their
owner. Akbaşs are considered the most powerful and fast livestock guardian dogs among their weight
category. They are utilized as livestock guardian and field security dogs in many countries around the
world; moreover, they are adopted as family dogs. Akbaşs are well known with high levels of watchful
and guarding characteristics. Also, they are very strong-minded and highly intelligent when decision

Physical Characteristics:
An Akbaş has lightweight anatomy with slim and muscular body having well-built bone and feet structure,
which allow the Akbaş to run fast. Akbaşs are differentiated from other cannines with their wolf-shaped
skull, slanted eyes and spiral shaped tail. The stop on their face is slightly apparent. Their posture of
neck and skyline intersects with 45 degree angle. Eye color ranges from amber (honey-coloured) to
black and brown. The lip color can be black or brown and the lower discharge lip does not dangle down.
The nose has mostly dark pigmentation. However, there are varieties with light colors as well. The tail
lenghthens till the hindleg knee joint when it is relaxed. The coat attaches to body firmly. An Akbaş must
have white hair color like its name, “Ak”.


Shoulder length for adult males are between 65-75 cm and weight are 48-55 kg. Shoulder length of 84
cm and weight of 68 kg are also seen. As for adult females, the shoulder length are between 60-73 cm
and weight are 45-55 kg. The shoulder length of 82 cm and weight of 65 kg are also seen for females.




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