How To Present Your Dog


The Qualities Of A Champion

 Balance, Structure, Movement, Type, Expression, Temperament

The bottom line for the judge is always

How Close Does The Individual Dog Match The Breed Standard.  

Each dog is scored 0-10 on the  standard  description  of the breed.  



Video Conformation/Show Title – At the start of the video please state your dogs name, sex and breed.   This video is for a Champion   

Dog collars and dog leashes should be show collars and show leads used for your breed.

Baiting your dog with his favorite squeaky dog toy or treat is encouraged, sounds are also great if your dog shows interest, we are looking for animation while in the natural or stacked position.

( 1 ) After you have presented your dog on video in the stacked/stand position he must stand while
the individual with the camcorder takes the front side and rear of the dog (about 30 seconds). Small dogs should be presented on a grooming table or table with non slip footing when in the
stacked/stand position.
( 2 ) A video will also be taken of the dogs movement. Position the
helper in the center of your area so he will be able to video the movement of the dog from the side, you and the dog must make a circle while moving around the helper, the circle should be about 30 feet in diameter.
( 3 ) The next video of movement you must have the dog go away from the camera in a straight line turn around and come back to the camera in a straight line stopping about 8 feet from the helper. The dog must stand naturally, do not set the dog up.
( 4 ) Last the helper should zoom in on the dogs mouth while you show the bite.

Have the helper announce:

For the video in step 1 through 4

Step ( 1 ) Set up your dog
Step ( 2 ) Take your dog around once.
Step ( 3 ) Take your dog down and back
Step ( 4 ) Show me the bite please




   Photo  fx-andy-gunawan-YcOeI6SfJDs-unsplash


As Defined In the Standard 

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Balance a Balanced dog is pleasing to the eye with no part of his structure calls out, an old term but very  important, the terms means does the dogs conformation flow. A balanced dog will always catch your eye. 

Appearance The look of the overall dog