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 The American Dog Federation recognizes dog breeds across the world. ADF recognizes: Parent Specialty, All-Breed, Specialty Single Breed, Group Club (limited to breed)

The ADF is a registry who recognizes the need to breed  individuals as close to standard as possible, however the ADF realizes that dog standards vary in interpretation according to the taste of each individual breeder.



 Dogs inspire us to Get Well, Get Moving, Get Creative and Get over It! Dogs teach us to Believe, Be Compassionate, Be Uncomplicated, To Love.  Dogs Give us Unconditional Love, Loyalty, Laughter, Understanding and Wisdom. We as owners, breeders and just plain lover of this amazing intuitive, unassuming athlete are responsible for their stewardship.  

Excellence Delivered-Nothing does it better

Breed  Standard

a description of the characteristics of  an ideal example of a breed, in essence a blueprint. Breed standards describe each part of the dog, color, gait and temperament. The description  also includes faults and serious/ disqualifying faults. Breed standards are written by a collection of breeders and those standards are approved by the governing club. Breed standards can  vary from kennel club to kennel club  and from country to country   Breed standards have been revised /updated over time

General Terminology

Skull, Stop, Occiput, Muzzle, Shape of Eye, Bite, Earset  Length of Ear, Dewlap, Flew

Neck, Shoulder, (Point of Shoulder, Layback of Shoulder) Sternum, Chest, Upper Leg, Forearm, Elbow, Lower Leg, Pastern, Foot, Pad

Withers, Back, Loin,  Croup, Stern, Upper Thigh, Gaskins, Stifle, (Bend of Stifle) Hock Foot Pad 

Familiarize yourself with the terms as they are in your breed standard

Marten Bjork
Marten Bjork
tamas tokos
Tamas Tokos
2 Bro's Media
2 Bro's Media
Baptist Standaert
Arion Reyvonputra

 WOW’s The Godfather 

Owner: The Wheatley’s

The dogs on this page are clearly showing  their expressions. Thank you to each photographer named in each caption who shared on unsplash.com

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