Questions About Dog Registration


Will the ADF register my dog who is registered with another registry ?  A dog with papers from another domestic or foreign registry will be registered  provided there is no break in registration. In order to determine ADF registration eligibility, you will need to send the ADF a copy of your dog’s pedigree, registration application and/or registration certificate from another registry. You can also submit documentation provided by the breeder such as a contract or bill of sale. The dog may qualify for registration if the pedigree shows no break in registration lineage from recognized registries. If there is a break in registration and only breeder records are available the ADF will register the dog as FSR-foundation stock registered. 

 Will the ADF register a dog who has been tested for breed ancestry? Yes the ADF will register a dog who has been DNA certified as to breed as  PNP – purebred no pedigree. Currently the ADF recognizes Wisdom Panel and Embark results costs for high-quality dog DNA tests for a single animal range from $60 to $170.

Will the ADF register  my dog if the breeder or seller does not provide the papers?

All registrations are the property of the American Dog Federation once a litter or dog is registered with the ADF, new owners can register their dogs if the breeder/seller has not been forthcoming with the paperwork.  In the case of a dog who is  already registered the following also applies. It is the buyer’s responsibility to obtain complete and sufficient information to identify the dog within ADF records.

Information  Required for Registration in the event the breeder/seller does not produce application for registration papers in the buyers name within 45 days of the new owner taking possession of the dog. Numbers with an  * are required.

1 -* A dated bill of sale stating that the dog is paid in full,  identifying the dog by sire, dam, date of birth, sex, color and breed. The bill of sale must be signed by the breeder/seller and must have the new owners name on it or kennel name. 

2 – A  receipt  (receipt can also be your credit card statement) The credit card statement must reflect  all payments made and those payments must add up to the purchase price of the dog. The statement must show the name of the breeder/seller, business nameof the breeder/seller/kennel name of the breeder/seller.      

 3 – A check made out to the seller with the breed, sex and date of birth in the memo area this check # must be on the bill of sale or contract from the seller 



I am the owner of the stud dog, my stud fee included 1 or more puppies and the owner/breeder or lessee of the dam refuses to apply for litter registration?

I used a stud dog I do not own and the owner will not give me information as to the dogs registration.

When using a stud dog not owned by the breeder or when using your dog at stud prior to the breeding date the breeder and stud dog owner  should make certain that they have used a breeding contract either provided by the owner of the bitch or the owner of the stud dog. the contract should be reviewed by both parties, all terms should be stated as to the method of payment of the stud fee. The ADF recommends that an attorney look at the contract or possibly write a new contract that is legal and binding.

 At the time of breeding

The ADF recommends the following.

1 – before the breeding the contract must be signed and dated by both parties named in the contract and each party signed therein should have a signed and dated contract.

2 – all information describing the stud dog and bitch be correct

3 – Swabbing the mouth of the stud dog and following the recommended procedures for handling and submitting the dna sample to the laboratory they have chosen. owner of the stud dog must provide the owner of the bitch the results of the dna sample.

4 – Swabbing the mouth of the bitch and following the recommended procedures for handling and submitting the dna sample to the laboratory chosen. The owner of the bitch must  provide the owner of the stud dog the results of the DNA sample.

If puppies are involved as full payment or partial payment for the stud fee and the owner/lessee of the bitch as stated in the contract refuses to provide ADF papers then the owner of the stud dog can (with a legal and binding signed contract and the DNA sample of both the dog and bitch) apply for registration of the resulting puppies.  

If you have the information that applies to the registration of a dog/puppy or puppies as required,  please contact ADF and give the details of the situation and copies of any documents you have. Please provide the full names, addresses, and phone numbers of everyone involved, including you. email or mail that letter and copies of all related documents to:

American Dog Federation
PO Box 7681
North Port, Florida
We will review the situation, contact all parties with the decision of the administration.