About Us

The American Dog Federation is a worldwide registry established in 1970 when breeders were realizing the need for a registry that would understand the need to recognize and register and preserve the pedigrees of foreign pure bred dogs that were not recognized by the traditional registries.
The ADF Provides for today’s breeder/owner
1- excellent customer service that meets your individual needs. The ADF provides a one on one experience for the breeder/owner through assigning a representative and their staff who are familiar with the breed group your dog is included. 2- The ADF keeps an open mind realizes and values the critical role our breeders play in preserving the traditional breeds and allows breeding to ancestral bloodlines to enhance their own bloodlines and also when needed the ADF allows limited outcross to non ancestral bloodlines 3- The ADF offers* titles in Conformation and Obedience through video or in person with 5 prestigious judges who are well known throughout the dog world. 4- The ADF is committed to the Sport of Dogs and remains committed to many venues of the dog fancy and advancing the breeder/owner. ADF and the “Total Dog" The “Total Dog” is a dog that meets your criteria in all ways, it is unique partnership, that can encompass a one on one relationship, or, an entire family, no dogs or owners are cookie cutter so remember to enjoy your “Total Dog” for the unconditional love he brings, the crazy stories you can tell, his accomplishments, his beauty, his humor, his good days and his not so good days. Discover The Potential In Your Dog And Unleash Your Total Dog With The American Dog Federation * ADF physical dog shows as well as Championship by video the emphasis on the owner-handler- breeder and their dogs to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Dogs entered in classes are judged on their own merit and as the judge interprets the standard not against another dog.