Kennel Name Registration

 Kennel Name Registration

Register your kennel name with the ADF. Registering your kennel name protects your chosen kennel name within the ADF.

Kennel name registration is as follows 1 breed $95.00  2 breeds $125.00 for lifetime.

Multiple Breed Use.

If you wish the kennel name protected for up to 3 or more individual breeds the kennel name registration fee is $150.00

Names should be no more than 2 words and no longer than 15 characters not including space or punctuations

How is my kennel name protected?

The ADF exercises reasonable care  in  protecting your kennel name. In order for your kennel name to be used by your puppy buyers you must give permission in writing to the new owner and notify the ADF of that particular puppy buyers authorization for your kennel name use.

 Transferring a Kennel Name

            Your kennel name can be passed to new ownership, however the current owner must inform the ADF by email or USPS with the new owners name and contact information. The ADF will interview the applicant. Once the  applicant  is approved they  must then apply online or by phone.