Agility For Dogs

 DOG AGILITY One Of The Fastest Growing Dog Sports In The Country 

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  • Is Agility A Good Choice For You And Your Dog
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 Best Breed For Agility really has more to do with temperament and energy levels- Does your dog enjoy fast pace exercises, does he/she enjoy climbing  and crawling. Is your dog “dog friendly”

Is Agility A Good Choice for you and your dog. Making sure both you and your dog are in good health is very important. Having the time to train. Will you make your obstacles or will you purchase them. Do you have enough space outdoors and or indoors that is safe.

When Should I Start My Dog starting a young puppy on the basics taking directions and walking/stepping  over obstacles, learning to back up, crawl and of course weave poles are number one and lots of fun for both you and your dog. The age to start can be as young as 8 weeks but more importantly training should be a relaxed time for more bonding, geared to your puppy’s attention span and physical abilities. Remember to keep training to being age appropriate.  

Apply For Your Dogs Title




PAC – Puppy Agility Canine

PAC. JR. ( Junior )10 weeks to under 4 months Fee $35.00

PAC.  SR. ( Senior ) 4 months to under 6 months. Fee $35.00

PAC. ACC ( Accomplished ) 6 months to under 12 months. Fee $35.00

Additional  $10.00 for headshot of puppy on certificate.


1- Walk up a ramp 4′ and down 4′ other side, Highest part of ramp being 2 feet

2- Walk through a tunnel 2′ high x 4′ long  (can be made of cardboard or tarp.)

3- Weave poles at least 4  height being 4′ set 24″ apart

4- Step over( for 10-12 week old) 4 secured boards or poles ( for puppies over 12 weeks boards or poles can be 6-8 ” high x 4’long



1 – Walk or trot up a ramp, sit on for 10 seconds then down the other side. Highest part of the ramp 2′.

2 – Navigate a straight 10 ‘ tunnel

3 – Weave poles 6 poles  4′ high set 19″-24″ apart. 

4 – Pole jump 1′ high  3′ wide


                              NO LEAD

1 – Trot up a ramp 4′ and sit on platform 20 seconds then down the other side 4′.

2 – Navigate ( walk, trot, run) a 10′ tunnel curved. 

3 – Weave poles 6 spaced at 24″ apart with the first and last offset.

4 – Pole jump 18″ high 3 ‘ wide.

5 –  Walk through  a ground level hoop 36″ diameter.