The American Dog Federation recognizes ALL breeds currently accepted in all groups of the following registries  in the United States, Asia, Europe and
Canada. If you do not see your breed or club listed here please visit our GROUP links at the top of the page, or  call the registry 989-423-9533  for
updated information. Please scroll down for registeries and Bully Breed Registries.

The American Dog Federation welcomes this "elite" list and is proud to announce the inception of these amazing breeds into the ADF registry. We also welcome ALL BULLY
BREEDS. If your breed is not listed here please call the American Dog Federation to see if it has been added.
989-423_9533 or email:

                                       Recognized Breeds
Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
American Alsatian
American Bandogge Mastiff
American Bulldog
American Bull Moslosser
American Indian Dog
Australian Bulldog
Band Dogs
Belgian Laekenois
Canis Panther
Great Danes - recognizing  all traditional colores and the following: merle, boston ,pied, fawnikin, blue brindle
Mastibulls (Am. Bulldog/Mastiff)
Valleck Bulldog
Valley Bulldog
White Dobermann Pinschers recognizes all traditional colors and white
White German Shepherds recognized as a separate breed

Giant Alaskan Malamute
Goldendoodles  3rd Generation
Labradoodles    3rd Generation
Doberdoodles    3rd Generation

United States
American Bully Breeders Association / ABBA
American Bully Kennel Club / ABKC
American Bulldog Club /ABC
American Kennel Club/AKC
American Rare Breeds Kennel Club /ARBA
Bully Breed Coalition Registry / BBCR
Continental Kennel Club/ CKC
Designer Breed Registry/ DBR
International Bully Breed Registry/ EBKC
United Kennel Club/ UKC
West Coast Bully Breed Association / WCBBA
Canadian Kennel Club/ CKC
England The Kennel Club/ KC
Federation Cynologique Internationale/ FCI
Verband fur das Deutsche Hundewesen/ VDH
Asian Kennel Club Union of the Philippines/ AKCUPI
Singapore Kennel Club Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen / VDH
Japanese Kennel Club / JKC