AMERICAN DOG FEDERATION                                                                                                     INDIAN DOG EUROPE

                                         APPLICATION FOR INDIAN DOG EUROPE CERTIFICATE
                                                                                                                            IDE MEMBERS ONLY
                                                                                                    If you need assistance with the registration form please contact the registry
                                 REGISTRATION FEE $35.00
To view Pedigree facsimile please take the
pedigree services link. If the registry
has more
than 3 generations
you will be emailed with the
option of an additional $5.00 to include all
additional generations available.
After completing and submitting this form your  registration papers
should be received by you within 2 weeks if you do not receive your
registration papers within that time period please email the
American Dog Federation
call 989- 423-9533 IDE  Members Only
If you wish to be invoiced by
PayPal please make sure to
include the your paypal email
address for invoicing.