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                                         AMERICAN DOG FEDERATION   
      The Cane da Presa,  translated “Southern Catching Dog”  

The Sottile Family has bred the
Cane Da Presa for over 54 years
An authority on the Cane da Presa Breed and dogs in general Mr. Mike Sottile  is an all
rounder judge who has judged rare breed shows and AKC sanctioned BOB matches,
the ADF is looking forward to adding Mr.Sottile  to the ADF list of Judges.
The ADF thanks Mr. Sottile for his dedication and mentoring, he is a great example of a
breeders  as he wishes to share his knowledge of dogs to the novice as well as the
experienced breeder.
Mr. Sottiles' rich and accomplished history in the dogs  is an important and vital asset to
the dog world.